About Us

JigJobs Welcome

JigJobs came to be out of the frustration of paying such high prices to post jobs on Indeed, Zip-Recruiter, Monster and other job boards.  It cost hundreds of dollars to post just one job.  We figured there had to be another alternative that cost less yet was still effective in obtaining top talent.

Our team, composed of former industry HR Folk, wanted a jobsite that was a little more tailored to our wheel house – the Manufacturing Sector.  We wanted a manufacturing employment website that manufacturing professionals utilized not only because it was intuitive and easy to use but because it catered specifically to their careers and their industrial demographic.

We wanted something better.  So….we raised a whole lot of cash, hired some developers and created our own job board.

It wasn’t easy, but after 2yrs or so of development, JigJobs was born.

We hope you enjoy using JigJobs and we hope that we can facilitate successful match making for both the Manufacturing Employer and the Manufacturing Professional.

We are constantly improving the site and welcome any suggestions along the way. 

Thanks for visiting.


~The JigJobs Team