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Design and implementation of a final inspection process (end of line check) necessary to ensure a successful new manufacturing process to build a new product keeping in mind a high quality standard that will prevent possible customer complaints. Continuously measuring and reporting the current product quality level and the quality level of manufacturing processes of the body shop, paint shop and assembly up to the finished vehicle and improving on this. Check and evaluate the quality assurance process during manufacturing. Determine an optimal process, to work out, suggest and implement concepts and methods to improve the existing quality level of products and processes and to reduce the quality costs. Ensure high quality products and processes with preventively work to reduce the failure rate to a minimum.

  • Supervise the application and compliance of guidelines, regulations and work instructions, particularly accident prevention regulations, work rules, and attendance, as well as lead and train employees
  • Improve the existing quality standard in process to sink the quality costs.
  • Generate options for accessing and using available resources; evaluate and select alternatives, considering priorities, resource availability and costs
  • Solve manufacturing and field complaints via monitoring and analysis of the quality problems, ensuring that the contingency and definitive measures are implemented assuring process stability and preventing these issues in the future
  • Make proposals and manage the technical product and technical or organized process
  • Check and evaluate the quality level and determine an optimal quality standard
  • Work out, suggest and implement concepts and check procedures to improve the existing quality level
  • Definition of the inspection and test sequence and testing procedure by appointment with his manager
  • Elaborate, suggest and implement improvements of the market-effective product quality in context to the quality aims.
  • The effectiveness of the started measures has to be pursued and documented.
  • Coordination of main product-complains, evaluation of the data, assessment and allocation of the responsible areas
  • Work out and look of area (body shop, paint shop or assembly) general quality standards.
  • Processing of quality and examining data about EDP systems
  • Optimization of process arrangements to assure high quality with the production team members (process and product arrangements – efficiency, ergonomics)
  • Plan and introduce guidelines to prevent faults in the production process
  • Judgment and documentation of product complaints, process stages and their safety
  • Introduction and assessment of process improvements
  • Recommend technical product improvements evaluating risks and potential chances to avoid quality issues
  • Draw up check-lists with quality data and suggest checking procedure and quality standards
  • Highlighting the quality situation for the respective areas concerned clearly
  • Preparation, introduction and coordination of proposals for solution for product quality and process quality and initiating agreed measures
  • Coordination of proposals for solution between the related technical divisions in order to be implemented into series
  • Develop and optimize of process expiries and integrate check-methodologies into the production flow
  • Establish a clear direction, lead the countermeasures with management and other departments
  • Block at quality defects and – in agree with General Manager – block at vehicles 
  • Coordinating and tracking dates for the product and process quality
  • Judgment of quality data and drawing up technical and/or statistical documents
  • Preparation of technical documents and statistics for quality regulation and tracking



  • 5 years job related experience, automotive background preferred
  • Degree in technical field (prefer: automotive- mechanic/ electrician/ technician) or equivalent experience in Quality Assurance
  • Understanding of automotive quality
  • Knowledge of inspection techniques and methods
  • Familiar with Manufacturing processes
  • Basic German language
  • Must possess a valid Driver’s license



  • Advanced degree
  • Capability to design and develop a process to ensure effectiveness
  • Previous automotive construction, manufacturing knowledge
  • Technical knowledge of VW specifications
  • Knowledge of VW Group and products
  • Preferred experience in factory or car repair shop or garage

Scope and Magnitude

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